Toxine is a text user interface using the xine library. It permit to playback all streams that xine supports, in interactive or in  script mode (using toxine syntax). It use xine's visualisation plugins (AAlib, X11, DXR3/HW+), and/or his own 'none' one (audio only output).
It use the readline library, which permit, in interactive mode, to recall commands, completions, etc..

You can use it in a console (useful for DXR3/HW+ owners, using TV output), or in a X11 terminal window.
If you're a developper, and you want to test/debug your own plugins, using toxine is useful due of script usage. This way, you can reproduce actions without interactions, redirect outputs to a file (name given or not). You can also see how to implement your own xine library frontend, because toxine implement almost all xine's API calls.

If you don't like GUIs, or love console (and AAlib video output), toxine is for you ;-)


05-06-2004: Toxine 0.6.3 has been released. You can download it here.
(c) Daniel Caujolle-Bert, 05-06-2004 f1rmb